Friday, 16 April 2010

Working title: April Painting

I have nearly finished this painting now on the final straight.
I have strived to keep this painting going or 'alive' for as long as possible. I have use oil and it is quite built up with layers. Compositionally it was (is) quite a challenge.
You can see how this painting looked at my posts from last year and how it has come on. (olive green ground)

The technique which dominates this work is the use of masking tape.
It works for me like you would use marks of pencil lines to map or measure out a drawing, say from a life study. When you tear the tape it gives a feathered edge which I try to utilize as an edge to paint against. The tape acts as a great block and I have used it in many ways in this painting.
The tricky part was to refrain from introducing more colour/light dark tone when the process slows down and you need to take a risk. Although I have used a range of colours and tones.
The original drawing projected onto the painting gets forgotten about, during the piece.

Towards the end I was referring to a different black and white photocopy of a random drawing I did but this has no significance to the end look of the painting. For me like looking at the picture of some instructions to make a piece of furniture from Ikea or somewhere, you kind of half know, but its there to refer to when you're stuck.

The elements and forms seem to refer to the body and a hint at a physicality (scaffolding/skeleton =green areas and pink = the flesh) but nothing more than that at present.
I will make sure this is hanging up next friday.

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