Tuesday 2 September 2014


'Fifty' 2013


Fifty is a painting installation of 50 small scale abstractions with 8 duct taped canvas boards on show at the Undercroft, Norwich, a group show by the Lonely Arts Club and is on until 27th of September.

Space is 244 x 305cm,  each painting 13 x 18cm acrylic charcoal and oil on canvas board and 20 x 25cm duct tape on wrapped canvas board, 2013.

For Fifty, the group of 50 paintings comprises of groups of paintings made in smaller series. This was according to deployment of colour and technique. The intention was to think about painting decisions encountered through making previous larger scale paintings. Working smaller scale gave me a chance to work quickly and intuitively and without the delay of indecision. I did have some things figured out before I began the groups of works but did not aim to get bogged down or stuck through the process, sticking to a kind of faux confidence

I was keen to see how drawing or drawn elements could be assimulated into the process. Working with the charcoal line in wet oil through transferring drawings onto the surface from scraps of paper, gave me an indeterminate element in the compositions. So the given quality of the line; crisp or muddied, acted as reference points. I am interested in how an idea of geometric precision can try to hold up in the act of painting. By the heat of the gesture, trying to hold its own, through manipulation of how the paint is applied; negated or counterpointed.

The show at the Undercroft was the right opportunity to present the work as a whole. Being able to view the paintings with and against each other in a configuration, came after the intention to begin the paintings. Being able to view the paintings together as if it was one big painting was something I thought about. It became a game-playing of arrangement, the organising of composition, so a continued thought process from the making. The constraints being the dimensions of each painting, on the designated space in the gallery.     

Duct tape on cellaphaned wrapped canvas board
For the installation there are 8 ‘paintings’, although they are in fact still shop wrapped. I wanted something with more visual immediacy to see how their quality could work against the nuanced subtleness of the paintings. For the show my first thought was to paint on the canvas boards, but this raised too many questions. Not that I should shy away from this, but the graphic quality is more obviously different and the process of tearing and sticking offers alternative suggestions than could be achieved with paint.

To find out what I do with paint and perhaps ask why do I do certain things.. To see how we make relationships with things through looking.

Sunday 6 April 2014

New work in progress 2014

1441 show installation, Wharf academy, Norwich

1441 Wharf Academy
Here are installation images of the 1441 exhibition at the Wharf academy, Oak Street in Norwich. Situated in a former church, now used as a music venue. The painting and mixed installation show is a 3 person collaberation with ex Slade school-ers Aaron Fickling and Nick Spiers. My paintings include old and new pieces selected for the show. ( Images were taken before Aaron and Nicks' installation.)
On from until 1.4.14 - 14.4.141 2-7pm

Friday 4 October 2013

'Corrugation' Norwich Fringe Festival, Undercroft

Installation shots hanging 'Corrugation'
 large square format painting measuring 270 x 265 cm.  Medium is gesso, household paint, acrylic, oil stick and collage elements. 
Collage piece made from discarded cardboard panels. Some elements used cardboard from the Norwich Market which is situated outside the gallery venue at the Undercroft. Also pics of Aaron Fickling with his new sculpture work. The piece was supported at the back with pine battening and extended at the top so the piece made contact with the ceiling.

Norwich Fringe Festival 2013 'Zweimal' Nick Powell

Norwich Fringe Festival, Norwich 5 -19th October

Exhibiting in two concurrent shows:

  • Undercroft, Norwich 5 -19th of October one painting 'Corrugation'

  • 'Zweimal' Joint show with Aaron Fickling, Stew Gallery, Fishergate, Norwich, 7 - 13th,  12 - 5pm