Friday, 19 March 2010

Wunderbar ! new paintings in progress !

Small scale paintings, oil on board/mdf

90cm x 30 cm oil and acrylic on mdf- (no title yet)

'bedroom window from the backyard'
oil and canvas on board.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Bait digger - back from the framers

Baitdigger, 2009. Oil and acrylic on canvas on board.
Just come back from the framers Sgraffitti in stoke newington and I am really happy with the Oak frame they have made for it. It is 5cm deep and 14.7cm across and 17 high.
It is now ready to be enjoyed and positioned on someones wall !

Sunday, 7 March 2010


Great to see Gorky paintings at the Tate, some only seen in textbooks now realised in the flesh.

His drawings too, a great draughtsman. Really subtle colours seen in the paintings, some of the works looking like an early Disney picture, with graininess, and biomorphic forms and colours spread about.
Worth a second look/visit.

dan perfect

dan perfect kirsten schubert

Saturday, 6 March 2010

small scale works 1999

These were 2 paintings that were also small in scale, about 15 by 12 cm (oil on canvas).
I just wonder how they would look scaled up. They were sold at a gallery soon after I finished them.

Paul Doran and Matthew Musgrave

Traipsing through back posts of London painting blog I have come across two painters that interest me.
They have in common that they have worked on a small scale.

Paul Doran

For me, practical and conceptual concerns are inseparable. We live in a world that is more easily defined by technology, but I am interested in ideas about the handmade, how human existence can be communicated through the handmade in a more meaningful way. There is a real difference between process paintings and paintings that emphasise the presence of the human hand. For me, the latter is a more conceptual approach. I think that ideas about the handmade have an important role to play in a contemporary context.” Paul Doran

(The image below doesn't refer to the above statement)

Matthew Musgrave

I think his work is usually small in scale. Whats he up to now?
Image came from the Saatchi website.