Saturday, 24 April 2010

Block Construction Paintings

A series of eight, reduced to six, block construction paintings (found pine-wood off cuts).
They are all oil on pine and board.

They were cut up, then stuck back together rearranged, with oil paint applied in different ways.
Some pieces of board were attached as some 'ground' or 'backing' to each block.
The cutting was done arbitrarily using manual and machined methods. A feel for the size of each piece with the possibility of being joined or combined to make a unit or block construction.
I decided the quality of the backing board surface was good enough to be seen (with the assumption that each piece would be wall mounted).
So after a number of stages of painting, including projected drawn elements where a positive and negative shape/space were painted black then white or vice-versa. The blocks were cut up again, pieces were swopped about and the 8 blocks then became 6.

I have tried to think about the process of deciding the reconfiguration, and how this works, at present it is how the eye responds to the looking.
They could be maquettes. But I see them as paintings.

I will post the photos charting the history of the making next on this blog.

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