Saturday, 20 October 2012

post project space post

My exhibition at the Project Space at Barbican Arts Group Trust finished last Wednesday and marks the end of my stay in London as I move to Norwich with my family. Being 2 hours away from the capitals lure is nothing these days and 10 years ago when I was last living here there is still a buzz about the city which I like. However will still miss the turkish bread.. .

The exhibition went well at the Project Space and was good for a number of reasons: 1 It marked an event which broke up my painting activity or rather gave me a deadline 2 It gave me a chance to view my work in a professional looking gallery setting.

The side of getting your work seen by others is something that easily gets forgotten about when engrossed in the making, the day-todayness, particularly when you are a full time teacher with a challenging 6+months daughter to father. What is my view on art and what I am making in this time poor context?  How can you talk about abstract painting when she is not sleeping...!!!
Winning little painting battles but then loosing them a week or so later (struggling to make paintings that look as great as you want).

I now really appreciate the work that goes into promoting an exhibition or show, getting people to see it, what people do you want to see your work? There are always transport issues that prevent attendence, cats dying, DIY to be finished at home etc.
I took alot of positives from the show.
ie talking to other artists/talking to people who do not do what you do, practicing your schpeel, using language to communicate why you do what you do.
Installing paintings against the harsh white walls is a brave thing to do, does the work hold up here as it did in the cluttered studio?
More or less ? Stuff the walls with lots of paintings or just put a few up.

Scratching the surface here about the whole experience...The folks at the Barbican Arts Group Trust were nice people and check out their studios next time they are open.
Time to find a new studio here in Norwich - will hopefully keep posting new work in the future
 and  will post pics on the show soon.