Friday, 16 April 2010

Work in progress: April 2 Painting

Again nearly finished.
I have been thinking about Abstract Expressionist painting and so my approach compared with the April painting was to be much looser, building up broader areas of paint. Idea being try and paint in a style to find your own style - (It is more challenging than I thought, could've been more rigorous) but allows a greater sense of exploring space together with exploiting colour relationships.
I love those iconic De Kooning titles: Montauk highway, Suburb in Havana etc
Such as the journey up the M6 into Cumbria as a student, with the grey/rainbow skies swathed out aside of the car window. Also remembering an ab-ex painting in Cumbria College of a&d refrectory, (could have been by an artist called Nick Bullion in the year above, circa 1996) had an impact on me at the time , but only just recently remembered while doing this work. What happened to the art when the decor changes and the corporate college vision changes? - In the skip a la Michael Landy.
I have found it very useful over the past month to have a number of different works on the go, with differing starting points, scale etc to work on as each plays off one another, confirming or rejecting working practices.

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