Friday, 19 August 2011

Kriekel Krakel


Just thought I'd put these pictures up, with most of them in an unfinished state. I'm not worried about the poor quality of the photos, its handy to have a general idea of these Gouaches on watercolour paper before they all potentially go off in different directions, or just get spoiled.
Continuing with the stencilling thing but trying to move away from the 'stabilisers' ; i find gouache has a dry, charcoal-ly texture  and some colours in the tube are in different states than others 

Poor quality images - we'll overlook this as they are all work in progress

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Works on paper charcoal, marker pen, acrylic paint - all 1995/96

Student drawings

With the demands of space , once again I find it a real dilemma to keep or chuck old work. Perception of whether things have value always changes. So I have compromised, and documented some chosen drawings, based on a transcription of Las Meninas by Velasquez from 1995/96. I still haven't been to Madrid to see the original yet.. maybe next year!