Monday, 31 August 2009

8 drawings of the studio and of other time and places. I thought I'd draw on top of something already drawn, trying to disrespect what went before, varying the choice of mark making instrument on each one for discrimination. So there is a kind of basic layering idea similar in painting. I like the idea of building up a drawing of random viewpoints, on top of one another, a mish mash of looking and response. I set up a still life with bottles etc (a la Morandi) but couldn't bring myself to draw from it.

W I P 2

Want to keep the red black and emerald green areas, they give a more advanced idea of depth rather than just having a background and foreground line - ie the olive green against the more common 'sap' green line). Not sure if this is my aim here, simplicity verses complexity. Do I need to start eliminating some of the sap green lines to simplify the composition too?
The intrigue and lure of making abstract paintings is believing the answer will be clear next time I go to the studio with fresh perspective. Experience says this doesn't always happen !
The lines came from the same place as the other painting posted the other day.

Sunday, 30 August 2009


Painting started in 99, but has been put aside. One of three canvases been jousting with over the last ten years, on and off. Even so quite a history of layers built up, with brushmarks, scrapes and similar gestures combining with the lemon yellow surface drawing. Some time before I had been looking at some Hans Hoffman colours - orange and ultramarine rectangles. The drawing was projected and taken from mark-making as a passenger in a car journey going home from a visit to North Germany. I may go over the drawing again, as it is a bit translucent. The drawing was masked off, revealing clashing under colours. After inactivity, Blocking the yellow in in these lines, brings the work more together. I was thinking the randomness of colour under layers would work with the newly applied yellow oxide ground, but was too haphazard in effect. Nearly finished...

Thursday, 27 August 2009

'Drawings' on the wall using stuff that has been hanging about.