Thursday, 26 August 2010

titling work

Am interested in how artists and in particular abstract painters arrive at titling their work....

Answers on a comment!

Saturday, 21 August 2010


4 paintings were joined together to make this one. I am interested in using 'failures' in other paintings, by cutting off the bits I like and putting them together in new configurations. I am interested in the decision making that goes into making the new configurations, the making sense of the chance elements with the sense of something being obvious.

Sunday, 15 August 2010


I'm back and saw some excellent and diverse art venues during a nice break in Germany, which was spent mostly in a beautiful region just outside Dresden, called Sachsen Schweiz.
However, got there via Berlin and Aschersleben.

In Berlin got to visit the Tacheles in Oranienburger Strasse:
Artist collective and a focus of energy, enterprise, and free spirited expressionism in this area - the smell inside the Modernist building contributes to the aesthetics of its current status! The rooms, walls and stairways are covered with spraycanned words and images relating to the politics of preceeding years. The artists originate from a number of countries and the sculptures in the yard by the bar areas were enjoyed by the visitors I saw. Overall, it reminded me of the brick lane area in East london.
From what I understand this venue has an uncertain future, due to ownership issues.

Next, in Aschersleben (near Madgeburg) I got to see a brilliant exhibition curated by Neo Rausch - VOM VORN -
It was situated in the LAGA, a garden show event showcasing one of the oldest towns in Germany. The German artist is from this region having studied at the art school here and selected some brilliant contemporary painting from emerging German artists. They were installed in a new venue called the Bestehornpark /riegel.
(link is in German)

Whilst in Dresden contemplating what to see in the old town , we stumbled across the Diplomaustellung at the Hochschule fur Bildende kunste- Pretty much like the degree shows you see in art colleges in London, only in one of those pompous old buildings on the strand by the River Elbe. As I understand it, artists study for 5 years and the good ones get selected to do a Masters ( I guess if you show promise).
These are the artists I asterisked for catching the eye- viel gluck to them all:
Silke Wobst, Juliane Schmidt, Moritz Liebig, Phillpp Gloger, Tanya Pohl, Maja Drachsel, Juliana Melches, Wenke Koch, Franziska Semtner, Nia Hozweg, Klaus Beckmann

photos to follow