Sunday, 30 August 2009


Painting started in 99, but has been put aside. One of three canvases been jousting with over the last ten years, on and off. Even so quite a history of layers built up, with brushmarks, scrapes and similar gestures combining with the lemon yellow surface drawing. Some time before I had been looking at some Hans Hoffman colours - orange and ultramarine rectangles. The drawing was projected and taken from mark-making as a passenger in a car journey going home from a visit to North Germany. I may go over the drawing again, as it is a bit translucent. The drawing was masked off, revealing clashing under colours. After inactivity, Blocking the yellow in in these lines, brings the work more together. I was thinking the randomness of colour under layers would work with the newly applied yellow oxide ground, but was too haphazard in effect. Nearly finished...

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