Saturday, 29 January 2011

notes on work in progress

Masking off selected areas of the painted surface. With the next layer of paint applied and the masked area removed there is a chance for this torn piece of tape sized shape to act as counterpoints to further explorations of the space. (I seem to have developed a natural habit of tearing off a piece of tape of a certain size which I use, relating to the size of the work). These were masked off areas of the surface I did not want to loose or paint over. These colour combinations are different painted incidents that, over time in the making, fused and melted together, have become foothills in the making of the work. A back and forth thing going on. The paintings then appear to become a 'join it up exercise', a dividing up of the picture plane.
Writing it down what you are doing in the studio before it disappears into thin air.

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