Sunday, 21 November 2010

ideas for a statement.. Long verson!

Long verson (my drink is too hot!)

Thank-you for checking out my paintings. I am interested in colour surface, texture and bold confident abstract paintings and doing things the wrong way. I apply paint when I shouldn't, I should stop and look first. So then I take it off and a trace of something stays. I have alot of great ideas in my paintings and sometimes the feeling is like I have just re-invented the wheel. This gives me something to think about and the trace is a springboard that gives me momentum to do something else next until I mess it up again and the work stays in the corner sulking. I use bits and things from other paintings that were just failures in a spirit of 'free-cycling' I attach this, or glue that, on to the surface. It looks good for a while, then the feeling fades so I paint a layer over it. It feels right again- so Ishould leave it there. Mr Dealer take it away now please. The wobbly rough bits on the surface hint and wink, I will put a clashing colour over that odd shape and it might become an abstract form which pretends to be something it is not. Sometimes I do stuff and I tell myself I don't care because I will get some kind of result and hey presto lets work with that. Quite often I don't give myself enough detail how to carry out something I have told myself to do. Often I say it doesen't matter because it is easy to make abstract expressionist paintings because that is what I am about- it is my safety default net - that is what everyone likes to look at even if its been caned to death over the past 50 years. How easy is it to do one of those paintings?

I listen to the radio with all the people talking about the days events or I have my MP3 player on flicking between favourite albums and often playing the same old tracks until I have to wipe the whole playlists and make a new one that will open some new doors. It gives me the spark, along with the sugar and caffeine rushes. The football game gives me a line I like, I scribble it down and it may be a good title for a painting one day. I don't really want to paint forms that people know, instead I want to put down colours and switch them about but not in a textbook way. I like to scrape back, chip away, peel it off, get back to where i once belonged, why did I move it on? Occasionally something recognisable stays that has personal significance but not often. Once and many more times paintings get cut, why did I make so many the same size - I hate the square! They go on their merry ways then they get to sit together after a while. They have a chat, and get on better than before- pre-nuptuals are made and so I am the vicar in this new reunion- I join them up again. They are not big and they are not clever, but I hope you enjoy them nevertheless

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