Saturday, 6 March 2010

Paul Doran and Matthew Musgrave

Traipsing through back posts of London painting blog I have come across two painters that interest me.
They have in common that they have worked on a small scale.

Paul Doran

For me, practical and conceptual concerns are inseparable. We live in a world that is more easily defined by technology, but I am interested in ideas about the handmade, how human existence can be communicated through the handmade in a more meaningful way. There is a real difference between process paintings and paintings that emphasise the presence of the human hand. For me, the latter is a more conceptual approach. I think that ideas about the handmade have an important role to play in a contemporary context.” Paul Doran

(The image below doesn't refer to the above statement)

Matthew Musgrave

I think his work is usually small in scale. Whats he up to now?
Image came from the Saatchi website.

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