Friday, 8 January 2010

Sigor Ros..

Seems right to play when the heater is on full blast and its minus something outside.
The new studio is in a great location - 10 mins away by bike , a short bike ride by the river Lea, across some fields and onto the industrial estate.
Coming home was earily spooky at 11pm - no-one about - felt otherworldly.
There was a weird alien light in the sky; a 'sick' colour of olive and flurescent green - the snow field was pleasingly crunchy to cycle across. The water incredibly still and the reflecting murky coco pops colours.
Photo being posted tomorrow of a new painting in progress. Spent over 6 hours today getting it off the ground. The battening needs sorting before I get carried away to the next phase.
Hopefully will be decent enough to enter some competitions

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