Friday, 30 October 2009

clicked conundrums

Eureka moments...

Something clicked this week when going to the studio to paint. What was it I wonder?
Weeks or months of looking and pondering looking and pondering then
by the second day I had painted renewed and rejuvenated 12 paintings that had been sitting idly in the studio, generally not going anywhere by the look of them all.

Not saying they're going anywhere now mind.

But together they all look part of a body of work, rather than this and that.

Some I still might want to do bits to, nothing major.

But maybe they are finished.

I also got to tackle the two bigger canvases (see Sept posts) which was thanks to the smaller ones.
Sometimes when looking for what to do next you are too busy focusing what is up ahead that might be noisy and colourful, when maybe the simple thing next to you under your nose is the right choice to make.
If I knew it was there sooner would I have acted sooner ? The simple things are hardest to notice when you are busy trying to look for something.

All assumptions of course and proof is in the looking.

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